CapShield Plus - Nitenpyram + Lufenuron Canine Capsules

  • American Made
  • Provides extended flea protection for dogs and puppies.
  • Administered orally once a month
  • The only way to introduce a long-term IGR into the animal’s environment, as sun rays break down IGR yard sprays within a day.
  • Nitinpyram - The "flush" ingredient. Kills all fleas on the dog after about 30 minutes. This ingredient remains in the blood stream for 6 to 12 hours.
  • Lufenuron - The long-term Insect growth regulator (IGR) ingredient works by sterilizing any new fleas that land on your pet from their environment. After a blood feeding, the flea will be unable to reproduce eggs, stopping the flea life-cycle. This ingredient will stay in the blood stream about 30 days.
  • Each Bottle includes 6 capsules

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CapShield Plus Canine Capsules

CapShield Plus
  • Brand: CapShield Plus
  • Product Code: CAPSH-100
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  • UPC: 071162009033

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