Fall Flock Games

Fall Flock GamesTune in to our Facebook Page on Thursdays in September and October for Fall Flock Games. Follow along as we encourage you to get caught up in “Flock-Tober”, a celebration of your flock and fall. Each week you’ll have a chance to win prizes from New Braunfels Feed by participating in our Facebook game. No purchase necessary, just follow the directions each Thursday in September and October.

Shop New Braunfels Feed & Supply during September and October and get a FREE limited-edition coop sign with your purchase a large bag of Purina Layena feed, 35lb bags or larger! These signs are popular and we will run out!

Are your chicks growing? Once your chicks hit 18-20 weeks old or lay their first egg, it’s time to transition to Purina Layena poultry feed to sustain growth and promote egg production! Try our new Organic Chicken Feed; it’s GMO-free!

Come see us at New Braunfels Feed & Supply in New Braunfels, TX for Purina Layena poultry feed today! Follow us on Facebook for chances to win prizes this month!