Winter Gardening In South Texas

Winter gardeningSouth Texas Winter Gardening Tips:

  • Use a winter Fertilizer high in phosphorus, it will help prepare your plants for next year.
  • Test your soil to see what nutrients your garden is in need of.
  • Make sure your lawn is getting 1″ of water every 14-21 days.
  • Mulching is a great way to protect plants and keep them hydrated.  Don’t pile the mulch around trees and bushes, as this encourages mice, moles, and chipmunks to make homes.
  • Plant some vegetables greens like lettuce or spinach.
  • Try using perennial ryegrass to repair a damaged lawn and reseed.  Add 1/4″ compost or soil to help seeds take root.
  • Transplant now to give plants longer time to take root, without the stress of Texas heat.
  • You can plant a nitrogen rich cover crop, like clover, to prep your garden for winter.
  • Cover the garden with burlap will help keep the weeds down.

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