Alan’s Answers: What should I do after it rains?

The perfect time to take advantage of feeding your plants and preventing insects is after it rains!


NOW is a great time to fertilize your plants, garden, roses and lawn! Use fertilizers like Medina Organic Hasta gro, Rose Glo, Garden Glo, Ladybug, Gardenville, Ironite, Miracle Gro and more! While you are spreading your fertilizer’s why not put down a granular bug killer too, it will last longer than a spray and keep killing those pests, because with the rain comes the bugs!

Bug Killer for Lawns

With rain comes Fire Ants, New Braunfels Feed & Supply offers several good products to choose from like Acephate “Surrender” #1 can. Don’t forget about the grasshoppers, Nolo Bait is great for getting rid of the grasshoppers that eat everything in sight!

So get the sprayer out and use the commercial Demon W all bug killer, spray the area around your foundation all the way around the house and windows. This will do a great job of getting the spiders, fleas, ticks, and all under control.

If you prefer organic’s try the Diatomaceous Earth powder it’s safe and effective against all bugs that crawl.