Purple Martin Bird Houses

Purple Martin Bird HousesNow is the time to purchase Purple Martin Bird Houses. Finally, purple Martins make their way back to Texas in early to mid-February.  If you are planning to keep a Purple Martin house now is the time to get ready and raised in the backyard.  If you already have a house, make sure you clean it out and raise it by the end of January. Furthermore, If you are interested in purchasing a Purple Martin House, New Braunfels Feed offers a variety of Purple Martin Bird Houses and feeders. Come in today and chat with us about these beautiful birds. We’ll help you get what you need to get your colony started.

Purple Martin Bird Houses

Did you know: Purple Martins will come back every year to your birdhouse if you set up your site properly? Here are a few tips for setting up an ideal site for Purple Martins:

1) Housing should be placed in the center of the most open spot available, about 30-120 feet from human housing.

2) There should be no trees taller than the martin housing within 40 feet, preferably 60 feet. Generally, the farther the housing is placed from trees, the better.

3) The height of the housing can be anywhere from 10-20 feet. Keep tall bushes, shrubs, and vines away from the pole. Do not attach wires to a martin house, especially if they lead to trees, buildings, or to the ground.

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Purple Martin Bird Houses

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