Purina Thistle Finch Feed

WfodborfwCch88svU_ZQ9_TWER9_fN-UslfPlGs1O6QWanting to attract finches to your yard? Try Purina Thistle in a 10# Bag from New Braunfels Feed.

Purina Thistle is a superior blend of the most popular seeds birds love. No filler seeds added. Each Purina wild bird bird food was designed to attract birds to your backyard. A balanced assortment of Sunfower Hearts, Canary and Nyjer for attracting a wide variety of finches.

Remove old bird food and clean your feeder before filling with new Purina wild bird food.  Wash your hands thoroughly after filling your feeders. Not for human consumption. Store Purina wild bird food in a plastic or metal container in a cool, dry place.