Purina Sup-R-Block 2N Tub

Purina Sup-R-Block 2N Tub

Purina Sup-R-Block 2N Tub is a highly palatable block designed for brood cows, heifers and far off dry cows. It contains a variety of protein and energy sources to balance the nutrient variability seen in pasture and stored forages. It is just what your cattle need to be looking and feeling better than ever. Stop by New Braunfels Feed to get yours today!

  • Protein fitting most natural beef programs
  • Contains a high level of added fat
  • Feeding location can be varied to encourage uniformity in the consumption of available forage
  • Weather-resistant
  • Specially formulated for mature cattle and sheep consuming fair or poor quality forages
  • Proprietary Intake Modifying Technology that results in controlled consumption of multiple meals of the supplement per day
  • 200 lb. tub
  • 001952

In addition to mature cattle use, it can be used for sheep on the pasture.

A premium, weather-resistant, all-natural protein block with fat, vitamins and minerals added that is designed to balance nutrient deficiencies in fair quality forages such as native or improved grass hay or poor quality forages such as dormant grasses or crop residues.

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