Purina AquaMax Fish Food

oIu2WKPO3wZZUIMuymEvjttilK4wvIeg0R-OxZGLU5ECome by New Braunfels Feed & Supply for Purina AquaMax Fish Feed! Whether you are growing fish or other aquatics for your personal enjoyment or business, Purina Aquatics products will help you achieve your goals. Try one of our Purina AquaMax Feeds for your pond today!

AquaMax Pond Fish- Catfish and Tilapia are the major species for this category of diets. These two species do not require the protein levels nor the nutrient density of carnivorous fish, but do require more moderate amounts of nutrients. Omnivorous species are usually warm water animals.

AquaMax Sport Fish- Feed-Trained Largemouth Bass, Trout, Hybrid Striped Bass, Yellow Perch, and Red Drum are major carnivorous species that are fed manufactured diets. These fish require high protein, nutrient dense diets that promote growth and maintain good health.