Purina Accuration Hi-Fat Block

Purina Accuration Hi Fat Block Purina Accuration Hi-Fat Block is a self-fed, high-fat protein supplement with Intake Modifying Technology. It delivers 10% fat and provides additional energy to help balance forage nutrient deficiencies.


1. Delivers 10% Fat
  • Helps maintain optimal body condition and performance, event when cattle lack energy in their diet from inadequate quality forage
  • Can be used for replacement heifer development, cows or heifers in mid-to-late-gestation, balancing deficiencies of fall forages and for cattle in large range pasture situations
2. Maximizes forage use
  • Encourages snack eating, which enables cattle to eat more forage and get more out of the forage they eat
  • feeding location can vary to encourage more uniform forage consumption
3. Provides confidence
  • Accuration Hi-Fat Block is part of the Purina All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program
  • The program ensures cattle engr. needs are met year-round as forage availability changes
Note: Prior to introducing this product, animals should be accustomed to high forage diets. Do not offer this product in fields where crops are grown that are known to contain high levels of urease enzyme such as soybeans or in conjunction with other NPN containing feeds. Accuration® Hi-Fat blocks in boxes should be fed in the base of the box on the well-drained ground.
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