Nutrena SafeChoice Family $3 off Sale

Nutrena PackagingIf it’s time to restock your horse’s feed, consider the lineup of Nutrena Safechoice. Nutrena has introduced new bags to the SafeChoice Family that offer your horse’s favourite feed in a better package. Take advantage of the $3 off sale for the month of November, 2023 exclusively for our valued customers.

Durable Packaging

SafeChoice Family New Bags are designed with thicker plastic and superior construction that makes them stronger than ever before. The bags have a four-layer formula that offers long-lasting protection against moisture, punctures, and odours, ensuring your horse’s feed stays fresh and clean. These durable bags come with a new closure for easy sealing, eliminating the risk of feed spillage or waste.

Improved Bag Design

The new packaging is ergonomically designed to make transportation and usage easier for horse owners. SafeChoice Family New Bags are made with vertical handles that are more comfortable for carrying and lifting. The handles’ design makes it easier to pour out the feed with one hand, thereby reducing the risk of spills. The design’s shape is also more compact, making it easy to store and stack in smaller spaces.

Same Great Feed

SafeChoice Family’s New Bags may have undergone a new packaging design, but the feed inside remains the same. SafeChoice All Life Stages, SafeChoice Perform, and SafeChoice Senior are all still available in their original formulas, with the same premium quality ingredients that deliver balanced nutrition to horses of all life stages and needs. SafeChoice feeds have a controlled starch and sugar formula that balances nutrient intake to avoid health-related issues and maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

Save $3 Now

As a huge thank you to our loyal customers, we are offering a $3 off sale for all SafeChoice Family New Bag purchases for the month of November only. This deal will be ending soon, so make sure you take advantage of it while it lasts. Nutrena, in partnership with qualified dealers, aims to provide you with quality feed options at a more affordable price. You can enjoy these savings while still ensuring your horse receives the best nutrition available in the market.

Secure your horse’s nutrition with Nutrena SafeChoice. The improved design and durable packaging offer an excellent way to transport, use, and store your horse’s favourite feed. With the $3 off deal exclusively available for our valued customers in November 2023 there is no better time to purchase SafeChoice. You can now save without sacrificing your horse’s nutrition, so do not miss out on this offer.