New Rainforest & Hover Sprinklers!

New Braunfels Feed & Supply carries two NEW sprinkler brands in the store! Rainforest Sprinklers and Hover Sprinklers! Both of these brands are excellent at reducing water consumption, which will be necessary as the summer drought begins.

Rainforest Sprinklers 

Rainforest Sprinkler


  •   -Low water consumption (about 1/3 less than most impact and oscillating sprinklers.)
  •   -Gentle fine rain/mist spray won’t damage small plants & seedlings.
  •   -Even application of water with less runoff.
  •   -Adjustable coverage from 20 sq ft up to 1900 sq ft.
  •   -Only one moving part – “Rainforest” sprinkler head will last for years.
  •   -Operates from 20 p.s.i great for “well” systems up to 80 p.s.i. for commercial use.
  •   -Will not clog, ideal for hard water.
  •   -Riser and Tripod Sprinklers are excellent for tall plants and gardens.

New Braunfels Feed & Supply carries 3 styles of Rainforest Sprinklers. Rainforest Spike, Wheel base and Round base.


Hover Sprinkler

Hover Sprinkler


  • -Saves Watering Time
  • -Extraordinary Water Savings
  • -Even Water Distribution
  • -Reduces Airborne Evaporation
  • -Penetrates the grass down to the soil
  • -Reaches under shrubs and bushes
  • -Feather light operation
  • -Four foot spray path
  • -Designed for professional lawn care
  • -Beautiful lawns & gardens

Hover Sprinkler™ attaches to your garden hose and hovers weightlessly above the ground. The four foot boom is lined with water jets that create a lifting affect once the water is turned on. This allows the user the ability to evenly and effortlessly distribute water and super soak a large area of grass in the most efficient way possible. The Hover Sprinkler is without a doubt the world’s most efficient water sprinkler.

Click here to see a Hover Sprinkler Demo

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