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mobile pet care clinicThe Mobile Pet Care Clinic of Texas, San Antonio’s “original” source for low-cost pet vaccinations and affordable pet outpatient treatments, hosts a monthly low-cost vet clinic at New Braunfels Feed & Supply. Check our calendar to see the monthly date.

The clinic will offer Rabies vaccines, Arthritis shots, Health Certificates, Heartworm Tests, 4-way Cat vaccines, Dog vaccine packages, Dewormings, and Bordetella vaccines.

For more information regarding the Mobile Pet Care Clinic of Texas visit their site at Stop by New Braunfels Feed and Supply for all your pet food and supplies needs. If you have any questions about the Clinic, please let us know.

Check out the pricing below:



Puppy Package (DA2PP,Deworm) $29

Dog Package#1 (Rabies,DA2PP) $39

Dog Package#2 (Rabies,DA2PP,K9 Cough) $55

Kitten Package #1 (FVRCP,Deworm) $29

Kitten Package #2 (FVRCP,Deworm,rFeLV) $49

Cat Package #1 (Rabies,FVRCP) $39

Cat Package #2 (Rabies, FVRCP,rFeLV) $69

Cat Package #2 using Recombinant Rabies (rRabies, FVRCP, rFeLV) $89

Outdoor Cat Package (Rabies, FVRCP, rFeLV, Profender) $85

Outdoor Cat Package using Recombinant Rabies (rRabies, FVRCP, rFeLV, Drontal) $99

* Note: Many feline experts feel that recombinant vaccines are much less likely to cause reactions and fibrosarcomas (cancer) in cats than are standard feline vaccines

Canine and Feline Rabies (only) $15

Feline Recombinant Rabies $35

Distemper/Parvo Combo (only) $25

Bordetella $19

Rattlesnake/H3N2Flu/4-way Lepto $29

Bivalent Flu  $39

Deworming (based on size) $10-$39

Feline Rhino/Panleuk Combo (only) $25

rFeLV only $35

OTHER SERVICES (All prices reflect our Prescription Loyalty discount – see below)

Medical Consult/Exam $19

Interstate Health Certificate $39

Heartworm Test $19 (with purchase of preventative)

Skin Scrape/Glucose/BUN $19 each

Fecal $25

Mass/Lump Cytology $39

Urine Strip/Tear Test/Eye Stain $19 each

FeLV/FIV Test $39

CBC $79 (be sure to pre-schedule)

CBC/Chem Panel $89 (be sure to pre-schedule)

Thyroid Screen (Comprehensive T4/Free T4)  $129  ((be sure to pre-schedule)

CBC/Chem Panel + T4/FreeT4  $199 (be sure to pre-schedule)

Microchips (include registration fee) $39 + tax

Nail Trim $19 + tax

Ear Pluck (Medical only) $19

Ear Clean (Medical only) $19

Trim/Cauterize Torn Nail $19

Freeze Wart $39-$79

Anal Sac Expression (Medical only) $19

Ear Pac $69

Aural Hematoma Drain/Pac $119


Basic (Antibiotic/Steroid/B12/Other) $19/$39

Special (Cytopoint/Cerenia/Other) – price based on weight

ORAL MEDICATIONS/TREATMENTS – Call Rosie for prices. 210.690.3799


Upon request, we will gladly call in a prescription for medications our veterinarians may prescribe for your pet.  Unfortunately, little guys like us can’t compete on price with the big box stores, large online retailers, and others like them and hope stay in business very long. In order to offset some of the difference for our clients, we don’t charge our standard office visit fee (currently $49) for our preventive services and offer discounts on immunizations, testing, parasite control, and treatments for those clients who choose to buy their prescriptions “locally” from us. That said, some clients request to pay the standard office call fee and forego the prescription loyalty discounts in order to have the prescription flexibility.  And that is perfectly fine…we just want to make sure your pet is protected, regardless of where you choose to get his/her medications filled.

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