Manage Mosquitoes This Summer

Are mosquitoes causing you grief this time of year? Here are some suggestions to ensure your yard is mosquito free this summer.

Mosquito Control Options at New Braunfels FeedMake sure you don’t leave standing water anywhere in your yard as mosquitoes are prone to live where moisture is. You can use candles and repellant spray, but you may need some additional help to kill and remove mosquitos from your garden and yard.

At New Braunfels Feed & Supply, we offer products to help you get the job done quickly so you can enjoy having friends and family in your backyard.

  • Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech is an attractive toxic sugar bait slow release device that kills mosquitoes using boric acid. Pro Tech is a Do-It-Yourself, effective, long-lasting, continuous mosquito killing product that lasts for up to 30 days. Pro Tech also doesn’t require batteries or electricity, just add warm water and shake! You can watch our easy how-to video here.
  • Bonide Mosquito Beater Insect Repellent Granules For Mosquitoes – Effectively repels for up to 3 weeks. Non-toxic, biodegradable and pleasantly scented. Easy to use shaker applicators. Enjoy mosquito free surroundings, any place, anytime.
  • Mosquito Bits – Quick acting formula.
  • Black Flag Insect Fogger – Black Flag Insect Fogger is used to kill mosquitoes and other biting flies. Fog your yard in minutes for hours of bug-free bliss. Use this home insect control before backyard picnics, parties, barbecues, pool parties and special events.
  • Black Flag Bug Zapper – You can easily get rid of mosquitoes with the Black Flag BZ-15 15W Bug Zapper. This powerful bug zapper is designed with durability in mind and is built to last.

Have questions? Come talk to the experts at New Braunfels Feed & Supply.