Hydrating Horses

Horses need anywhere from 5 to 10 gallons of fresh drinking water per day and that number increases when factoring in exercise and Texas heat. New Braunfels Feed & Supply is committed to offering quality products for your horse and livestock. Hydrating Horses in the summer is necessary, learn more below.

Purina Hydration Hay Blocks are a premium blend of quality grass and alfalfa hay that has been compressed into a convenient, lightweight block. Simply drop the block into a bucket of water and it will quickly expand into about one flake of palatable, moist hay.Your horse can receive consistent, quality forage and proper hydration at the same time when eating the moist hay.

Automatic waterers take the stress out of keeping fresh water available for your horse. New Braunfels Feed & Supply offers Duramate Automatic Waterers. This dependable, float-controlled waterer simply hooks up to a standard 3/4 inch garden hose to automatically deliver fresh water 24-7 in above-freezing temperatures. The large 4-gallon capacity is perfect for thirsty horses. Includes a durable metal float cover and metal brackets for over-the-fence or on-the-wall installation (hardware not included).

Come by New Braunfels Feed & Supply for all your watering needs for your horses and livestock this season.