Combat Fleas and Ticks

fleas and ticks medicineWarmer weather is headed our way, and fleas and ticks are ready to strike. It’s helpful to know what makes these pests “tick.” They can live just about anywhere, but crave the cozy haven of your pet’s furry coat. A simple walk around the neighborhood with your pet can draw these tiny fiends indoors. Statistically, fleas and ticks are bound to infest your favorite feline or best friend.

Protect yourself and your pet with flea and tick, and mosquito products available over-the-counter.

Be aware of these flea, tick, and mosquito characteristics:

  • Fleas are especially prevalent in warm, humid areas such as the south and Gulf Coast area. They abound in the months of May through September.
  • Ticks like heavily wooded regions and areas with brush, thick/tall grass, and a moist environment.
  • Mosquitoes have no preference – they like living just about anywhere. Be especially careful to reduce the amount of standing water around your home, yard and garden to minimize your pets’ and family’s exposure to these bugs.
  • One adult female flea can lay as many as 50 eggs a day.
  • A tick lays 100 eggs at a time.

How to Protect Pets Against Seasonal Pests

  • Wash pet bedding regularly with a detergent, and/or insect repellent. Dry on high heat.
  • Clean, mop and vacuum your home to rid of immature fleas and their food sources.
  • Check pets regularly for pests. Groom your pet at least bi-weekly.
  • Check your pet immediately after a walk outdoors.
  • Mow lawns weekly. Cut brush, weeds, and thickets. Remove debris, leaves and/or waste.
  • Provide clean water and food for your pet daily; change water sources outside daily.

Prevent fleas from attacking your cat or dog by carefully choosing and using flea and tick repellent products. Use flea and tick products on your pets, in your home, car or pet bedding according to the products’ label directions. Treating your pet, its home/sleeping area, your front and back yards can curb the occurrence and re-occurrence of fleas and ticks.  New Braunfels Feed and Supply carries Frontline Plus, Advantage II, and Advantix for flea control.  We also carry insect granules for your yard and sprays for premise around the house.  Stop by New Braunfels Feed & Supply and stock up on all your pets needs!