How do you keep squirrels out of bird feeders?

Squirrels are notorious pests when it comes to stealing food that’s been put out for the birds. Here are three ways to keep those stealthy rodents out of bird feeders.

1. Slip the feeder onto a long wire and hang it between two trees, but away from any low branches. Also, string empty thread spools on the wire to act as a further deterrent.

2. Another effective way to keep squirrels off your bird feeder is to smear gobs of petroleum jelly or car grease on the pole that supports it. You’ll have to clean it up in the spring, but it works. The squirrels hate the feeling of grease on their paws.

If your bird feeder sits on a pole and you’re pestered by squirrels stealing the seeds, go to the pet store and buy a squirrel baffle. This is a plastic dome that you attach under the feeder. It curves downward and away from the feeder, providing a barrier against upwardly mobile squirrels. Make sure the baffle is high enough that the squirrels can’t jump past it.

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