Fly Repellent Tips For Horses from Force Fly Control

Well, it is fly season and if you do not have a plan of action, it’s time to develop one. Manna Pro has just made it easier with a line of new Equine Fly Repellent products…under the brand “Force”. See  Fly Repellent Tips For Horses below.

One thing that you should know, there are BILLIONS of Flies out there all looking for your horse. If we try and kill them all, it would take a large truck to remove them, so part of the success is a total program to kill, repel and frankly reduce breeding.   So, for the latter, make sure standing water, manure and other popular breeding areas are kept cleaned up.

Now for the horse directly…here we are interested in reducing the number of biting flies. During a season, the loss of blood to fly bites is measured in gallons, not ounces….so reduction is important.   Let’s start off with fly sprays for horses; here Manna Pro has a great lineup with Opti-Force, Pro-Force, and Nature’s Force.

Opti-Force is a 14 day weather and sweat resistant spray. Truly TOP of LINE as compared to other sprays.   It can be used in a variety of situations…riding, on pasture, in the barn, or anytime you want top  protection and will not likely be spraying the horse for a number of days.

Pro-Force offers similar kill and repel patterns, but not the weather resistance…but here Fido gets some protection, and is approved as a fly spray for dogs.

Now for  Nature’s Force, a lot of naturals get a bad rap because they do not work…and some do not, but give this one a try…it really does. It has 24 hour protection, kills and repels, and is listed as Organic. Not many natural fly sprays can make those claims.

Now a BIG TIP…any time a new horse arrives or a new spray, make sure you test it on a one square foot area on the flank or rump. Give it 12 to 24 hours and make sure the horse is not allergic.

If you thought the fly spray products were awesome, wait until you try the new masks. Insect Shield Repellent Gear from Opti-Force is the newest technology and provides built-in invisible, odorless insect protection.  It repels mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies and fleas! This is the same technology that the USA military uses in uniforms to protect our fighting men and women, plus now it is approved for baby blankets in developing countries.  This new mask provides proven protection and is a powerful weapon in the war with insects.

Then the Pro-Force Fly Mask for horses steps up and adds some nice new features to traditional masks, plus it is just a well-made mask.

We have handled the Horse and those biting flies, now the barn and areas around the barn.   Be sure to include a bait… Pro-Force Fly Bait, in the convenient 1 pound size and the Manna Pro Pro-Force Barn and Stable Concentrate. These are a great value and good to use in various areas around the stable.

Remember, multiple products give multiple results. A fly spray, a mask and a premise product will give better than 3 times the results. The products work together to solve the Problem……NO FLIES around my Horse(s).

Make sure you check out the Manna Pro line of Equine Fly control products at New Braunfels Feed & Supply and may the Force be with you.

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Source: by Dr. Bill Sadler