Fire Ant Killer

fire ant killerFire ant killer is a necessity after all this rain and controlling Fire Ants is often a larger task than most homeowners can handle. This is especially true when the infestation is extensive. Fire Ants travel from yard to yard. This can be hard to manage when you live in a neighborhood infested with Fire Ants. Fire Ant Mounds start to flourish after rain, mainly to protect their larva and dry out the inside of the mound. This is a good time to treat them with pesticides. The trick to treating mounds is to be patient and follow the direction on the label of pesticide.

Come by to New Braunfels Feed to pick up the perfect Fire Ant Killer. Have a garden? We also offer organic treatments as well! Let us help you solve the problem!

IMG_1790We offer:

  • Over N Out
  • Fire Ant Killer with Spinosad
  • Organic Fire Ant
  • Extinguish Fire Ant
  • Amdro Fire Ant
  • Bayer Fire Ant
  • Come & Get it Fire Ant
  • Acephate Fire Ant