Cubeit Alfalfa Cubes

Cubeit Alfalfa CubesNew Braunfels Feed now carries CubeIt Alfalfa Cubes! These cubes are made with sun-cured alfalfa from Snake River Valley, Idaho by Cubeit Hay Company. Your horse is sure to get the nutrients it needs from the Cubeit Alfalfa Cubes and is less mess than bales.

See some of the reasons why cubes are better below with information from CubeIt:

1. Alfalfa cubes are lightweight and denser than bulky bales providing an easier process for farmers and ranch owners to manage, transport, and ship cross country for orders and rodeo competitions.

2. Sun-cured alfalfa hay is made when we let the hay sun-dry and harvest in large bales for storage. When filling an order, we grind the hay for the production of cubes.

3. No dyes or preservatives are added to the hay.

4. There is no documentation of blister beetles in our hay.

5. We purchase hay from local producers who follow our strict requirements, ensuring the production of the best hay for your animals.

6. 700 tons of alfalfa hay bales are enclosed in our production facility, preventing the bales from exposure to winter weather conditions.

7. Production and packaging are all done inside our plant. The cubes are covered to prevent sun bleaching, so the hay stays nice and green.

8. We don’t use hay containing dark spots or spoiled areas for cube production.

9. Farmers can better regulate portion control for their horses, and since the cubes have low density the supply can be easily put and stored away.

10. Our alfalfa cubes reduce feeding waste, and farmers have a better time managing portion control for their animals.

11. There’s less dust in the feeding cubes as oppose to long stem hay, which is better for horses with respiratory problems.

Source: Cubeit Hay Company