Baby Chicks at New Braunfels Feed

Baby chicks come to New Braunfels Feed each spring and fall! Are you ready to start or add to your flock? Find everything you need to set up your brooder. What types are you looking for? Continue checking our website for the latest delivery dates and types of chicks.

Please call to confirm the chicks are in the store before heading over. You can reach us at (830) 625-7250. Remember your chick supplies! We are well stocked with heat lamps, feeders, waterers, chick(en) starters and feeds and much more!

Arrival DateChick Types in Shipment
Thursday, 4/15Easter Egger Pullets, Buckeye Pullets, Salmon Faverolle Pullets, Cuckoo Maran Pullets,Assorted Hamburg Pullets, Black Sumatra Straight Runs, Sliver Phoenix Pullets, Red Sumatra Yoko Pullets, French Guinea Straight Runs
Thursday, 4/23Rhode Island Red Pullets, Barred Rock Pullets, Buff Orpington Pullets, Easter Egger Pullets, Spangled Russian Orloff Pullets, Salmon Faverolle Pullets, French Guinea Pullets, Hatchery Choice Geese Straight Runs
Thursday, 4/30New Hampshire Red Pullets, Naked Neck Straight Runs, Assorted Brahma Pullets, French Guinea Straight Runs, Narragansett Turkey Straight Runs, Standard Bronze Turkey Straight Runs
Tuesday, 5/5Silver Wyandotte Pullets, Easter Egger Pullets, Bantam Special Straight Run
Tuesday, 5/7French Guinea Straight Runs, Bourbon Red Turkey Straight Runs
Thursday, 5/21White Leghorn females, Brown Leghorn females, Rhode Island Red females, Plymouth Barred Rock females, Silver Laced Wyandotte females, Easter Egger females