Alan’s Answers: When will grasshopper numbers decrease this season?

When will grasshopper numbers decrease this season?
Although grasshoppers complete only one generation a year, eggs hatch over a long period of time. Development from egg to adult requires about 40-60 days. Also, eggs of different species hatch at different times so small grashoppers can be found throughout the growing season. Grasshoppers can persist until late fall when old adults begin to die or when a killing frost occurs.

Use NOLO BAIT to organically reduce the amount of grasshoppers around your home. Nolo Bait, is a spreadable bait made from flaky wheat bran coated with Nosema locustae spores.  This very easy to apply pathogen is safe for use around humans, pet, birds and wildlife.  The insect pathogen multiplies in infected grasshoppers and will pass from grasshopper to grasshopper and can remain active for several years.  For best results apply when grasshoppers are ½ to ¾ inch long.

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