Alan’s Answers: Weed Prevention

Sticker-burrs & weed preventionA little weed prevention now will go a long way with weeds and other garden issues this spring and summer. Take the time now to treat and prepare your lawn and garden.

This is the time for pre-emergent. It’s used to prevent weeds from popping up. Does your pasture have sticker burrs? Pre-emergent and herbicides are the only things that work! 

The first rule of thumb for pre-emergent is to choose your herbicides wisely. We sell Amaze and XL Herbicide in a 50# bag for sticker burrs. Come in and we can set you up and walk you through important steps.

Save water for your garden plants now with rain barrels. These are great devices to save and conserve water for your garden.  You can place one under your eve. It will fill even when all you have is heavy dew. We carry rain barrels as well.

For more tips on gardening and weed prevention, come in and see us at New Braunfels Feed.