When is it time to plant grass seed and fertilize?

When is it time to plant grass seed, treat for weeds and fertilize?

Grass seed can be planted in the spring when the temperature of the ground reaches approximately 70 to 80 degrees. This year, that will probably range from about April 15th through May 15th. If you are planting in the spring, I recommend holding off on applying weed control products to the grass until the grass seed has germinated and you have mowed the grass a few times.

When to Fertilize

Apply a starter fertilizer when you sow the seeds, and then add more fertilizer three to four weeks later. That’s necessary because all the watering used to germinate the seeds actually leaches the first application of fertilizer out of the top layer of soil. All organic fertilizers can be applied anytime and a 19-5-9 fertilizer should be applied from mid-March til April.

Weed Control

It is too late in the season for a pre-emergent. But have no fear. There are other options if you still want to treat for pesky weeds and unwanted grass. This is a good time to use weed and feed products such as Round Up, Martin’s Eraser or anything with Atrazine.

Whatever your need, we have products at New Braunfels Feed & Supply that will help you complete your goals. Just come in and ask us. We have the knowledge to walk you through a program.