Alan’s Answers: Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks Inside and Outside

Get Rid of Fleas and TicksGet Rid of Fleas and Ticks inside and outside this season. This time of year fleas and ticks are really starting to infest your pets, yards and in your house. Alan offers tips on how to keep these pesky parasites at bay this season.

Your Pets

If your pets are outdoors most of the time, they will be fighting with these pests daily. Wash your Pets often with a Flea Shampoo. New Braunfels Feed & Supply offers a variety of Flea & Tick products like Frontline and Advantage as well as the 8 month Seresto flea collar.

Your Yard

First, identify where the fleas and ticks are living. They like to gather away from sunlight and are humid. This includes your dog’s house, sleeping and feeding areas and underneath structures. Ticks hide in tall grasses and weeds. The first step to keeping fleas and ticks at bay is keeping your yard trimmed and mowed as well as trees and scrubs. Any debris on the lawn or piles of leaves will also need to removed. Keep patios and lawn furniture clean and swept and remove garbage bins that may attract other pests that carry fleas and ticks. New Braunfels Feed & Supply recommends Adams Plus Yard Spray or a Diatomaceous Earth which is a natural and organic way to eliminate unwanted incest pests. It’s safe to use in the garden, the barn, and around all house pets.

Your House

Clean pet bedding and laying areas every week. If your fleas have grown into an infestation you can choose to run a fogger in each room which is toxic fumes to kill the pesky fleas. If you aren’t noticing a major problem, just take the necessary precautions like cleaning sheets and vacuuming the carpet weekly. If you aren’t sure if you have a flea problem in the house you can put a shallow bowl of water and dish detergent under a night light and see how many find their way to bowl over night. They are attracted to the light and the water.


Keep your pets both healthy and happy this season and use these tips to help keep fleas and ticks at bay this season. Come in New Braunfels Feed & Supply for all your flea and ticks needs. We have a variety of products like flea shampoo, flea spray, flea and tick products and flea collars.