Alan’s Answers for November 2011 Newsletter

We had some fun questions this month. It was great seeing so much interest.  I want you to know your pets and home are our priority.  Keep the questions coming!

Question: Ronda asked if it too early to “winterize” her yard right now. She says “My lawn is looking really good, especially after our recent rain, nice and green. Do I need to wait or can I go ahead and fertilize?”

Alan: Don’t stop improving the health of your lawn and grass. It will be beneficial next year in the spring. The purpose of fertilizing in the fall is to prepare the root system for winter. Depending upon where you live, you will most likely not want to fertilize past October. A good winter lawn fertilizer would have a high potassium ratio, to stimulate root growth but not leaf/ flower growth. You may want to apply an herbicide for broadleaf weeds at this time. Consider having a soil test done to determine your lawns ph balance. If your lawn is heavily acidic, consider a lime application or if it is too alkaline, you may need an application of sulfur.

Question: Sue wants to know if I speak Japanese and if I know how to fish.

Alan: Unfortunately I do not speak Japanese so I will keep all my response to the English language. And I think of myself as a fisherman and enjoy telling a few fish tales like every other male species.

Question: Shari asked if chewing on corn cobs would be a problem for her dog.

Alan: The corn itself should not be a problem, it is high in fiber. The problem you need to watch is if your dog swallows the cob whole and the cob could become blocked in the dog’s intestines.