A Taste of Free-range Winter Eggs

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Backyard chicken coops at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center covered in snow in winter. winter eggs

A taste of free-range through winter

Happy Holidays! To celebrate the season, we’re gifting you flock tips for collecting farm fresh, free-range eggs all winter and adding more joy to the coop. 

Your flock may be spending more time indoors this holiday season. Now, you can give them a taste of free-range in every bite! NEW Purina® Layena®+ Free Range layer feed includes insect protein and our exclusive Oyster Strong® System for strong eggshells – no need to supplement.

Give your flock a taste of free range winter eggs

Two geese and two ducks waddling in a backyard covered in snow. Winter eggs
Eggs all winter

Chickens need 16 hours of light to sustain egg production. In many parts of the country, short days mean this light isn’t happening naturally. Consider adding a light on a timer to keep hens laying strong through fall and winter.

Coop activities for chickens

Birds may spend more time indoors during cold temperatures. If your flock feels “cooped up,” you may see unwanted behaviors such as feather picking. Relieve stress and keep the pecking order in line with our boredom-busters.

three hen gathered around feed. Winter eggs
Two geese and two ducks waddling in a backyard covered in snow. Winter eggs

Set 2020 flock goals for Winter Eggs

Add more chicks. Get ducks. Have stronger eggshells. What are your flock goals for next year? No matter the stage of your flock, birds need a complete feed to provide 38 unique daily nutrients to start strong, lay strong and stay strong.

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Spring 2020 chick dates are coming soon! Check our website to find them.