A Home for Every Horse

Whether you ride an English saddle, a Western saddle or an easy chair, one issue unites us as horse lovers: unwanted horses.

Horse people across all disciplines are more concerned with the plight of these equines than any other issue by far according to the 2010 American Horse Publications Horse Industry Survey.

A Home for Every Horse is doing something to help. You can too.

“In partnership with the Unwanted Horse Coalition and our sponsors, The Equine Network is working to help solve our industry’s most heartbreaking problem. We’re posting free listings for adoptable horses at nonprofit shelters on Equine.com (if you’re a shelter, click to learn how) as well as offering educational resources and rescue-related stories from across our publications in one central location.

Learn about the issue. Consider a rescue horse as your next equine partner. Check out the horses waiting to be adopted on Equine.com. Explore www.ahomeforeveryhorse.com to find out about shelters near you, ways you can help and tips on caring for and training rescue horses. Donate time or money. Spread the word. Start now. Together, let’s work to find a home for every horse!” – A Home for Every Horse