7 Tips to Combat Mosquitos

Summer and warmer weather also mean mosquitos.  Take care now to eliminate the environment that mosquitoes need to live and breed.   Here are some tips to consider as you prepare your home and yard for summer:

  • Look for standing water, that is where you’ll find mosquito larva.  Check your gutters, make sure they are clean and clear from standing water.
  • Care for your lawn. Keep grass short and don’t overwater.
  • Treat your bubblier and French drain lines along with rain barrels and saucers for the potted plants.
  • Promote an environment that combats mosquitos!  Purple martins, bats and dragonflies. Mosquitos are a favorite snack.
  • Plant a variety of herbs (including citronella), as most have a repellant effect.
  • Consider changing your outside lighting to yellow light bulbs or lenses.
  • Use citronella Tiki torches and candles. They have a small effect on mosquitoes but you will get that island feeling.

The use of sprays and granule repellents in the environment is an option. Some all-natural sprays include citronella,  garlic and orange oil sprays. Synthetic sprays include permethrin, cypermethrin and lambda-cyhalothrin. Granulated cedar and garlic work as repellents. Permethrin granules are used as broad-spectrum insecticides. The all-natural repellant sprays will last about a day but the granules will last substantially longer. Synthetics, both liquid and granulated will last from two days to a month. Length of effectiveness for all products will hinge on the weather.