2020 Breyer Christmas Horse & Ornaments

Yuletide GreetingsShop New Braunfels Feed for the 2020 Breyer Christmas Horse & Ornaments. This year’s horse is Yuletide Greetings!

In many places around the world, it’s a tradition to select and cut a Christmas tree from the woodlands. When it’s time to bring your tree home, you’ll want a helping hand – or hoof! France’s powerful draft horse, the Ardennes, is the perfect partner.

Yuletide Greetings is adorned with rustic appeal. His plaid blanket features “Happy Holidays” embroidered on one side, and a large buffalo plaid bow on the other. Ribbons, burlap, and rope detailing complete his look, which exudes modern country charm.

A timeless holiday gift, Yuletide Greetings features “Happy Holidays 2020” on his belly.

In addition to the holiday horse, check out the holiday ornaments!

Traditional | 1:9 Scale

2020 Breyer Holiday Ornaments